Time Machine Hack; How To Not Look Foolish Looking Back At Old Pics

Want to avoid looking like a damn fool in twenty years when you look back on old photos?   Dress for style not for trend.

What does that mean?

It's simple, follow the style guide of a man like Cary Grant.

Grant understood the importance of looking sharp wherever you went.   He didn't want someone running into him and then have a life long story of how they met Cary Grant and he was wearing socks and sandals.

Grant is once quoted as saying "everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even me." which is telling because Grant was in reality Archie Leach, a young man from England who never finished school-- he had to work to be Cary Grant.

Trend runs in cycles.   Bell bottoms and jump suits for men are in during the 1970s and they start to make a return;  avoid trends.   Avoid patterns, avoid high or low waisted pants.

Stick with what worked then because it will work now as long as you stay classic.   More Cary...

As I said, avoid patterns.   Stay with solid and mostly dark or neu…

Make Your Fortune With Chocolate Milk

In 1986 I made something in the neighborhood of $1500 betting college age guys they could not drink a gallon of chocolate milk in one hour.   I'm not making this up.

It started like this;  As a young man in high school I drank coffee, mostly during study periods but at least once a day.   The rest of the time I drank Chocolate Milk.   The good stuff too.   Chocolate Milk goes with almost anything and my steady diet at the time was hot dogs, pizza, Chinese Food and Turkey Bacon sandwiches.    All washed down with Chocolate Milk when it was available.

So when someone said to me I'll bet you $50 you can't drink a gallon of Chocolate Milk in an hour or less I not only laughed at them I quickly plunked $50 down on the table and then set up for the challenge.

It's a full gallon of Chocolate Milk.   You can drink it right out of the bottle, you can drink it with a glass (which is how I did it-- I wasn't a savage) but you must drink all of it and you must keep it down.   …

Over The Garden Wall

Becky and I watched the cartoon network mini-series Over The Garden Wall last weekend-- the episodes run somewhere near the 11 minute mark, and there's about 10 episodes-- It's a quick watch.
The story is about two brothers-- Greg, whose overly quirky and unknowingly wise, and Wirt, who's the discouraged leader on the venture.  They get lost in an unknown forest encountering anything from dancing pumpkin people, tuxedo wearing toads in a steamboat, all the way to Studio Ghibli inspired witches-- the visuals are wild, and the animation feels inviting. 
I'm not here to review it, I'm here to tell you to watch it. 
Here's episode ONE!


Rubble to Rubble - Wilderado 

This is a pretty groovy tune I've been jamming to the past few weeks. I like the idea that the song is about a friend that's out to help others, is also hurting himself. It's a pretty simple song, but nonetheless worth the listen.

New York City Blows

There are two types of people in this world, those who love New York and those who are correct in hating it.

How could someone like a place that smells like the entire city has been on a bender since Sinatra faced his final curtain, where you can see trash and homeless as far as the eye can see, and the home to maybe the most bitter and rude human beings on the planet?

I’ve met only a few New Yorkers who can even give you the time a day.  Combine that with the lovely traffic whether you are in the city or driving in.  3 trillion people in 300 square miles is a recipe for disaster.

This rant is brought to you by New York Comic Con, and I will have a recap of the biggest comic show of the year next week.
And I guarantee that it will not be as bleak as this post.

Vodka Martini Recipe

I think drinking is underrated.
Don't drive when you drink-- that's a basic fact.
But man, I'm on a tight deadline, the work is piling up and I'm feeling stress kick in and what is the cure?
A Vodka Martini.

I used to be a gin and tonic guy for a simple reason-- it's low calorie and I'm trying to keep my girlish figure.

But lately I've switched to Vodka Martini's but with a twist because I hate Olives.

3oz Vodka
1oz Dry Vermouth
Mariscino Cherry

Take the Vodka and the Dry Vermouth and pour into a cocktail shaker with some ice.  Shake it for 90 seconds and pour into a Martini glass and finish with a Mariscino Cherry  or three.  Bam.  Perfect summer cocktail that would make James Bond proud.

Man up-- make yourself a Martini and let someone else drive.


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